The Steal Like An Artist Logbook.

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The Steal Like An Artist Logbook

The Steal Like An Artist Logbook

Author: Austin Kleon
publisher: Workman Publishing
number Of Pages: 224
publication Date: 06 Oct 2015
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0761185682
ISBN-13: 9780761185680


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Product description

The Steal Like An Artist Logbook - Following Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work!, both New York Times bestsellers with 614,000 copies in print, The Steal Like an Artist Journal is the next step in the journey. It combines Kleon's unique and compelling ideas on being creative with the physical quality that makes journals like Moleskines so enormously popular. Its page after page of ideas, prompts, quotes, and exercises are like a daily course in creativity a portable workshop and sourcebook of inspiration. Each spread has one page offering a prompt or exercise, and the other blank for writing, drawing, doodling, whatever. There are lists to fill in, 10 Things I Want to Learn, 10 Things I Probably Think About More Than the Average Person. Challenges to take. Illustrated creative exercises Make a Mixtape (for someone who doesn't know you), and Fill the Speech Balloons. Pro and con charts. What Excites You?/What Drains You?

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